Contact lenses

We fit all types of soft and gas permeable contact lenses including disposable and soft toric lenses to fit astigmatic patients.

Daily Disposable contact lenses are ideal for occasional contact lens wearers or for sports or holidays as they require no cleaning solutions and are simply thrown away after each days wear - the ultimate convenience.

Contact lenses

Monthly Replacement contact lenses can be used every day for a month and then discarded. They need daily cleaning and soaking in special solutions - full instructions and advice always given.

Both these types of lenses are more comfortable and carry less risk of eye infections than the previously only available option of yearly replacement, where the lenses gradually build up deposits and the material deteriorates.

Bifocal Contact Lenses - If you are presbyopic and need different strength lenses for distance and reading we have monthly or fortnightly replacement bifocal contact lenses now in stock.

If you want to try contact lenses you will need to book an appointment for a trial to assess your suitability. An eye test will be necessary if you have not had one for two years.