Glaucoma Screening

To detect glaucoma we undertake three tests:

Test one

An examination of the fundus concentrating on the optic nerve.

Test two

Measurement of the intraocular pressure of each eye using an applanation tonometer. This involves having a local anesthetic drop in each eye and a small amount of yellow dye in the tears.

Some practices use an instrument which sends a puff of air onto the eye but we prefer the applanation method as this is the standard used in hospital eye clinics.

Test three

Computerised visual field testing. This checks for blind spots in the visual field. You are shown a sequence of spots of lights on a screen and asked how many you can see.

This checks for reduced vision in your visual field (or peripheral vision) which is an early sign of glaucoma. This involves looking at a white screen for a few minutes and pressing a button when you see a small flash of light.