You've chosen the frame that suits you and feels comfortable - we're here to help you to choose the best lenses.

One advantage of being an independent practice is that we have no restriction on where we source our products so we can order any lens to suit your requirements: Hoya, Pentax, Sola, Essilor and others.

We stock Hoya, Pentax, Sola, Essilor and other lenses.

Many lenses today have sophisticated computer designed surfaces that mean they are thinner, lighter and flatter than ever before. Lightweight high index plastics make the lens thinner still. Polycarbonate lenses are increasingly used to reduce weight and improve impact resistance. Lenses are available as single vision, bifocal or varifocal.

Varilux Specialist

We are Varilux® Specialist opticians.

What is an anti-reflection coating?

This is a multi layer coating which is applied to the lens surface that reduces reflections and increases the amount of light reaching the eye by up to 15%. This benefits the wearer by giving sharper, clearer vision and increased contrast and comfort, especially when night driving or using a VDU.

Anti-reflection coatings also enhances the cosmetic apperance of your spectacles allowing people to see your eyes not your lenses.

Other options to consider are scratch resistance, anti-reflection coating, water repellance, impact resistance, extra ultra violet protection and tints or light reactive lenses (e.g. Reactolite® or Transitions®).

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